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Community Organics Recycling Drop-Off Site Registration

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  2. Community Organics Recycling Program

    Welcome to the Orono Community Organics Recycling Program sign up.  The City of Orono’s Organics Recycling Program allows residents to bring their organic waste to a drop-off location in Orono. Organics recycling decreases the amount of trash sent to landfills and incinerators and provides numerous environmental, economic, and social benefits for our community and planet.
    After filling out this form, please stop by City Hall to receive your first set BPI Approved Compostable Bags and the instructions to use the organics recycling drop-off site. The City will also be providing you with a getting started brochure to help answer or guide you as you begin setting up your organics recycling at home. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions along the way.

    Help spread the news to your neighbors about Orono's new organics recycling drop-off site.  We hope to grow this program and to give Orono Citizens a chance to participate.

    This program is free to all residents of Orono but registration is required. To receive more information, the latest news and activities involving organics and recycling, please subscribe to receive notifications by selecting Recycling & Organics at:

    If you have any questions about organics recycling or this program, please contact Anna Carlson at 952-249-4605 or via email at

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    By selecting "accept", you will receive email communications regarding the organics recycling updates and notifications.  Please note you will receive an email requesting your confirmation.  

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