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Saga Hill Nature Area

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Saga Hill Nature Area is a 28 acre wooded natural area with unimproved paths winding throughout the property and is being maintained as a natural passive open space. Its creation was a collaboration among a citizen’s group called Saga Hill Preservation Society, the City of Orono, the Trust for Public Land, the Western Hennepin County Pioneers Association and the Minnesota Land Trust.


The first parcel to bear the name Saga Hill was 9.7 acres and was used for both active and passive purposes. Today, approximately ½ of the property has a Department of Natural Resources (DNR) conservation easement to protect its natural and scenic resources.

Saga Hill sits atop the highest point in western Hennepin County. Early indigenous people lived, hunted and harvested on this land. Current day Hennepin County Road 19, which is near Saga Hills, follows the old Mdewakanton Shakopee trail.

Some of the first European settlers from Sweden homesteaded the area, with land around Saga Hill, including West Arm, Forest Lake and Maple Plain, known as ‘New Sweden’. Interestingly, Theodore C. Blegen wrote The Saga of Saga Hill which chronicled his father’s recorded memories and Borghild Dahl wrote a number of books which vividly described her life on Saga Hill.


In addition to the unimproved trails, there is a parking lot at the Saga Hill Nature Area.