Recodification Project

Pursuant to Minnesota Statute § 415.021, a statutory or home rule charter city, or town, may revise and codify and print in book, pamphlet or newspaper form, any ordinances, resolutions, and rules of the city or town and may include therein for reference any applicable general or special laws. Such codification shall be a sufficient publication of any ordinance included in it and not previously published in a newspaper if a substantial quantity of the codification is printed for general distribution to the public.

Recodification is a process that includes a full legal and thorough review of the City’s municipal code that helps ensure that provisions are comprehensive, lawful and enforceable. In addition, it is recommended that a legal review be conducted every 10-15 years for municipal codes to address the needs of the City's stakeholders.  Orono’s last legal review took place in 2003. The City's current Code may be viewed online.

This page is intended to serve as a collection of information intended to keep the public updated and informed on the City's recodification efforts.

Proposed Draft Ordinances 

The draft documents below have been reviewed and revised by Staff and the City Attorney.  They will be presented at a regular City Council meeting and when necessary at a Planning Commission meeting for final review and to receive input.  Any additional revisions to the proposed ordinances, if needed, will be brought back at a second meeting for further review.

Proposed Drafts By Title

Title I - Government Operation

Submit Feedback

Submit your input and questions about the recodification project by submitting the online Recodification feedback and question form.  All forms will be sent directly to the City Clerk's office for consideration.