Brush Site: Frequently Asked Questions

Who can use the Brush Site?
The Brush Site is open for Orono residents only.  ID/Proof of residency is required. No contractors are allowed to dump at the site.

What materials are accepted?
The site will only accept brush, branches, trees and limbs that are less than 6 inches in diameter. No stumps or logs.
The site also has a designated area for disposing leaves, grass clippings, and garden clippings. Please look for the posted signage.

What materials are not accepted?
Absolutely no lumber or garbage of any kind is accepted. No boxes, bags, or plastic of any type may be left at the site. No stumps or logs.

What are the fees for larger loads?
Please see the Fees and Load Size Reference Guide page for prices and sizing details. Fees may vary at the discretion of the attendant

Is someone there who can help me unload? 
No. City Staff cannot assist in loading or unloading material. The City is not liable to any damages to privately owned vehicles, trailers, etc. Mechanical loading is also prohibited.   

I don't live in Orono, is there anywhere else I can bring my yard waste?
Click HERE for other Hennepin County Drop of sites.

For additional information about the Brush Site call the Public Works Office at 952-249-4686.