Public Works Facility

The city of Orono is constructing a new Public Works Facility at 365 Old Crystal Bay Road.    The city conducted a feasibility study for the facility in summer of 2020.   In spring of 2021 the city contracted with Oertel Architects to design the building.   The design process concluded in April of 2022.  Construction of the project was awarded to Ebert Construction in October of 2022.   Construction commenced in December of 2022 and is expected to be complete in the spring of 2024. 

The project consists of the construction of a 63,300 square foot maintenance and office building as well as an outdoor work and commodities storage area. 

Orono PW - Design Packet 10202021_sm (003) 5
Orono PW - Design Packet 10202021_sm (003) 9


March 2023 Update- Currently the site improvements portion of the project is due to restart in earnest on April 3rd.   There will be a ground breaking ceremony on April 10th at 9am.  
April 2023 Update-  With the snow finally almost gone, site work has resumed.   for the rest of April and into May work will include the grading of the site, installation of underground utilities. 

Points of Contact

Project Manager- Randy Pavey, Ebert Construction  (763) 498-7844

Senior Project Architect – Thomas Stromsodt, Oertel Architects  (651) 696-5186 x314 

Public Works Superintendent- David (DJ) Goman (952) 249-4661

City Engineer/City Administrator- Adam T Edwards, PE

PW Site Aerial