Frequently Asked Questions

Q.  How do I get utilities put into my name if I am new to the area?

A.  You may call our Utility Billing Department at (952) 249‐4614, e-mail or fill out form found on the website here.


Q.  How do I get a final bill, if I am moving?

A.  Please call the Utility Billing Department at (952) 249‐4614 or fill out form found on website here at least a week before moving, so that a final read can be completed. We will need to know your new mailing address at this time.   


Q.  How often will I be billed for Sewer & Water?

A.  Orono will bill residents monthly for Sewer & Water charges.


Q.  How often will I be billed for Septic?

A.  Orono has billed residents once a year for Septic charges. Effective 2021, Orono will bill residents with Septic systems quarterly.


Q.  What is the Stormwater Charge appearing on my utility bill?

A.  The Stormwater Charge on your utility bill provides a large portion of the funding needed to maintain and improve the City’s stormwater system and ultimately protect our natural resources.  Orono has an abundance of surface water resources including lakes, ponds and streams.  Our stormwater system is what conveys surface runoff from both city and private infrastructure into these resources.  Our system includes  facilities such as pipes, ditches, and surface water treatment structures.  The City of Orono highly values the natural resources within its jurisdiction and seeks to protect surface and groundwater storage systems, effectively manage expenditures to correct flooding and water quality problems, prevent erosion into surface waters, promote groundwater recharge, enhance wildlife habitats and water recreational facilities, and improve the water quality of all water resources. Your stormwater charge helps accomplish those goals.


Q.  How is the Sewer rate calculated?

A.  Sewer connections are charged based on a flat rate with the exception of Commercial and Multi-Residential, which are charge based SAC units and water usage. Additional unit charges may apply.


Q.  If I fill up my pool or water my grass, will my Sewer & Water Bill go up?

A.  Yes, if you use City Water!  You are billed based on usage of water.  A suggestion would be to use well water if you have it.  If you live on the lake, some sprinkler systems are connected to draw water from the lake.  


 Q.  What is the Water Testing Fee?

A.  The Minnesota Department of Health, per Minnesota Statues section 144.3831, must collect $9.72 annually from every service connection served by the City water supply.


Orono collects this fee on your Sewer & Water Bill. Each quarter you will be charged 81¢ per month. The water testing fee that is collected by the City is reimbursed to the Department of Health.


If you have detailed questions about the water testing fee, please contact the Minnesota Department of Health at (651) 215-0770 or

Q.  Is there assistance available to help me pay my utility bill?

A.  Yes, there is follow the link to Community Action Partnership of Hennepin County

Q.  Can I pay my bills online?

A.  Yes, you can! Follow this link.

Q.  How do I register to create an account and set up auto-pay?

A.  Please select the below documents for easy to follow instructions on creating your account and auto-payment.

How to set up auto-payments

How to Register or make one time payment


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