Code Enforcement

I want to file a property complaint.

Have you observed blight, long grass/ weeds, or other code enforcement violations in your neighborhood? If so, submit an online complaint, and it will be routed to the appropriate department for investigation.

What Happens

After receipt, a city inspector will visit the site within 3 business days of the complaint.  If there is no violation of the city code, the file will be closed.  The inspector will not go onto private property without permission.  If there is a violation, a letter will be sent to the property owner, informing them of the violation and the recommended action to resolve the issue.   The City seeks compliance rather than prosecution, and will be reasonable with property owners who wish to resolve the issue, including an extension of deadlines.  Issues that cannot be resolved will be forwarded to the city prosecuting attorney, who may seek legal recourse.  

In property complaints, the identification of the complaining party is not public and may not be disclosed.  The City does not respond to anonymous complaints.  Orono, in an effort to  provide better service through consistent record keeping, complaint tracking, and reporting, routes all complaints through this portal. Emailed complaints will be entered into the system as soon as possible, though information as to the status of the complaint cannot be viewed through the portal.  

I want to file a property complaint.