The City of Orono has nearly 50 miles of roadway that it is responsible for maintaining. The Public Works Streets Department is responsible for the following activities:

Streets Department duties include:

  • Street Repairs - Potholes can be very dangerous and hard on your vehicle. If you notice a pothole on a road in Orono, please contact us immediately.
  • Street Sweeping - The Orono Public Works Department sweeps all of the streets in the spring and fall. Select streets are swept on an as needed basis, if there has been an accident, storm damage or heavy construction. If you notice a lot of debris in your area and need the streets swept, please don’t hesitate to call our Public Works Department. Street sweeping has come to be a regarded important element in maintaining urban area water quality. Sand flushed into the streams, ponds and lakes carries heavy metals, phosphorus and nitrogen along with it. Organic matter like grass, leaves and pet waste decreases overall water quality and clarity by providing nutrients for microbial and algae growth.
  • City Street Signs - If you notice a missing or damaged street sign, please contact us immediately.
  • Residential Street Lights - The city maintains the decorative street lights in Navarre and on the Willow bridge over Highway 12. Most other street lights are maintained by the electric companies.
  • Right of Way Vegetation Maintenance - The City is responsible for tree trimming along public city streets as necessary to maintain site lines and safe road conditions. The utility companies may also complete tree trimming within the right of way to maintain clearance for utility lines.
  • Water Drainage
  • Snow Plowing - See our Snow and Ice Removal Page

In addition, the City Engineer is responsible for undertaking larger projects to ensure the long term viability of our roads. The City Council approved a Pavement Management Plan in 2014 laying out the requirements for the next 10 years. See our Pavement Management Page (PDF).