2040 Community Management Plan

2040 Community Management Plan Maps

On May 22, 2019, the Metropolitan Council reviewed and authorized for adoption the Orono 2040 Community Management Plan.  At its meeting on June 10, 2019, the City Council adopted the final plan.    

This Community Management Plan update could not have been completed without the advice and assistance of the Planning Advisory Committee and the Navarre Area Advisory Committee.  

Planning Advisory Committee members

Bob Erickson

Candice Nadler

Chad Olson

Dennis Libby

Dennis Walsh

Jan Berg

Jennifer Smiley

John Morast

Jon Schwingler

Meg Cowden

Phil Lusardi

Rick Meyers

Navarre Area Advisory Committee Members

Bill Wolfson

Charles Nadler

Devon Steinmeyer

Harry Yaffe

John Osullivan

Judy Frederickson

Kirk Sherman

Mary Tucker

Michael Reymann

Ralphe Kempf

Ross Elenkiwich

Shawn McIntee

Tanya Srepel

WSB - Eric Zweber

WSB - Carlo Missio

Existing Land Use (jpeg)
Orono Planned parcels
Orono Zoning