Seasonal Weight Restrictions

Weight Restrictions

Axle weight limits are restricted on certain streets in the City of Orono to protect these streets from damage when road and weather conditions warrant, in accordance with State and City regulations.

Most city streets will be posted and limited to 4 ton per axle weight limit. Residents are encouraged to plan ahead for moving or construction projects during the spring thaw season since weight restrictions will be enforced and large trucks will not be allowed on restricted streets.


Weight restrictions take effect during the spring thaw season, which is usually March 1st to May 15th, dependent upon the weather. Orono follows the Seasonal Load Limits established by the State of Minnesota. Check the Minnesota Department of Transportation (MN DOT) for dates.


No exemptions or permits are given during this time period, except for emergency vehicles and utility company service vehicles. For detailed information on exemptions please review the weight restriction resolution (PDF).

Streets Regulated

Orono only regulates the city streets listed by resolution. These streets can be found on the Spring Weight Restrictions Map (PDF).
Full details and an alphabetical list of restricted streets can be viewed in the weight restriction resolution (PDF).

All County roads are regulated by Hennepin County and Highway 12 is regulated by the State. Check the MN DOT website for restrictions.

Private roads are not regulated by the City, but by the homeowners associations or designated responsible party. The City does not maintain any information on contracts for private roads.