Officers of the Orono Police Department are dedicated to the young people in our community. These pages are for you. 

You are our most important resource - our sons and daughters, our future. You are the reason we come to work every day. We understand that you are faced with challenges we never knew when we were your age and we are concerned. We know that some of you may be debating choices - some of which we know can hurt you and jeopardize your opportunity to enjoy all of the gifts that life has to offer.

Too often we see the result of dangerous decisions that young people have made. Too often we see the permanent damage done to your relationships because of drugs and alcohol. We see your potential diminish and your happiness vanish. We don't want to have to notify your family and friends that they no longer can see you because of a bad choice(s) you made.

Contact Us

If you are afraid about the choices other kids are making, if you have questions and want answers, remember that we got into this business because we want to make things better for you. You can contact us by email or by calling 952-249-4700 and you can be completely anonymous.

We are here whenever you need us and sometimes even when you want us the least. Let us know how we can help.