Firearms Permit Information

The City of Orono does allow, with a limited firearms use permit and under certain circumstances, hunting within the City limits. First, it should be known that in Orono a bow and arrow, a pellet gun, and the usual shotgun or .22 rifle would all be considered firearms.

Pest Control

Do you have a pest problem in your garden or orchard in which you prefer not to trap or poison? 

Depending on the problem and location, it may be possible to obtain a firearm use permit to shoot at the pest, whether it be rabbits or maybe a woodchuck. You must fill out the City of Orono Limited Firearms Use Permit, pay a $25 fee, and abide by any rules imposed by the Police Department. 

Note: a trapping permit is necessary if you plan to use this option instead.

Bow & Arrow Hunting

The City of Orono allows hunting of deer by special permit. 

To obtain the permit, the hunter must fill out the Bow and Arrow Application, have written permission from the property owner, and must abide by all Department of Natural Resources rules. The property must be a minimum of 5 acres. 

Applications for the hunt will not be accepted prior to August of each year. There is a $25 fee for processing the application and the hunter must allow one week for the permit to be issued. Absolutely no deer hunting is allowed with rifle or shotgun.

Click the link below for the application and complete instructions, return materials to the City of Orono. 


More Information

For any questions about shooting or hunting within the City of Orono, or to obtain the Limited Firearm Use Permit application, please call 952-249-4600.