Crime Reporting

Calling 911

To report a crime in the Orono jurisdiction, call 911. When you call 911, you can:

  • Request that a police officer be sent
  • Request an ambulance or medical assistance
  • Report a crime in progress
  • Report a fire
  • Report any suspicious activities in the area

Cell Phone Calls

There is no charge for a call to 911 from a cell phone. However, be aware that calls to 911 from a cell phone will be answered either by the State Patrol or Hennepin County, and your location will not be available to the person answering the phone. Know and communicate where you are if you call from a cell phone.

If the Situation Changes

Call 911 back if the situation changes. If the problem ends, the operator will cancel the request for a squad car; if it worsens, let the operator know so the call can be upgraded.

Non-Emergency Calls

If you have knowledge that a particular person has committed a crime, we would appreciate your help and cooperation in making the community a safer place to live. 

In a non-emergency situation, if you wish to remain anonymous when reporting a crime, call 952-258-5321. This number is answered 24 hours, 7 days a week by the same dispatchers that handle 911 calls for this area. Ask to remain anonymous.