Accident / Police Reports

Knowing When to Notify the Police & Obtain a Report

If you are involved in a crash, you are required to notify the police only if damages exceed $1,000 (estimated at scene) or if they result in injury or death. A police report is only required in crashes resulting in injury or death, though you may request an officer be dispatched to the scene of any crash if you wish. If the police are not called, you should exchange information with all parties involved and pursue the matter directly with the insurance companies.

Damage Over $1,000

If the damage is over $1000 or if there are injuries or death, all parties involved are required to file a report with the state within 10 days of the incident. Failure to do so may result in actions against the drivers' Minnesota driving license. Contact the Orono Police Department or visit the Department of Driver and Vehicle Services website to obtain a copy of the state accident report form (Form PS32001) (PDF).

Required Documents

All drivers are required to have their driver's license in their possession, and all vehicles are required to have insurance identification cards available at all times. If the other driver does not or cannot provide you with these items, we suggest that you notify police and request that an officer be dispatched to the scene.

Obtaining a Copy of Your Police Report

Upon request, the Police Department will provide you with a copy of your police report for insurance purposes. Learn more about requesting police reports and other information.

Reports for Serious Accident

However, you should know that the more serious the accident or incident, the longer the wait may be for obtaining a copy of your report. Typically, incidents under investigation cannot be released until they are resolved

In some cases, you may be referred to the prosecuting attorney for a copy of the report. Whatever the case, feel free to contact the staff at the Orono Police Department with your questions and requests for reports.