Orono Fire Department LogoThe city of Orono is proud to announce the start of the Orono Fire Department.

The Orono Fire Department is excited to begin operations in areas of Orono to include the Casco Point area and up Tonkawa. This will begin on July 1, 2024. The Orono Fire Department will service all of Orono on January 1, 2026 as the current contract for service with Long Lake sunsets. 

The Fire Chief completed a Needs Assessment for the city and presented this to City Council on June 12, 2023. This document gives an overview of the current situation and a road map for the future. 

We are creating a culture of excellence. We will have daytime weekday duty crews which will help reduce response times and we are moving toward compliance with national standards with equipment and fleet. Please click the link to review.

Final Fire and EMS Needs Analysis

We are looking for firefighters, who would like to serve their community and become charter members.  Please reach out to Fire Chief James Van Eyll about any questions you may have about the new fire department. Be a part of building the department from the ground up and apply today.

Job Opportunities